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Platelet Rich Plasma Kit - By: Enso Discoveries

Mono-Dox® Equine Sutures

PRP helps the body to heal itself with growth factors. Proteins produced by one cell that can tell other cells what to do, which are found in limited quantities throughout the body. This growth factor-rich solution can be injected into areas where the body is having issues healing on its own, or to areas that may be healing but need more rapid resolution.

Item# Product
260.00002.4 Platelet Rich Plasma Kit

Platelet Rich Fibrin Kit - By: Enso Discoveries

Mono-Dox® Equine Sutures

PRF is obtained from blood and is a second-generation platelet concentrate that has shown to accelerate the healing of soft and hard tissues. The fibrin matrix has been shown to efficiently direct stem cell migration and thus aide the healing process. Used for acute and chronic wounds, dental, bone regeneration, graft stabilization, hemostasis, and wound sealing.

Item# Product
260.00004.4 Platelet Rich Fibrin Kit

Crotalus Atrox Toxoid Equine Rattlesnake Vaccine - By: Red Rock Biologics

Mono-Dox® Equine Sutures

Item# Product
590.00012.3 Crotalus Atrox Toxoid Equine Rattlesnake Vaccine

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