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  • Now anyone can purchase OTC products from your website—no registrations or approvals needed. That means you'll earn more revenue and connect with potential new clients—and we do all the work.
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  • Only MyVetStoreOnline offers all these innovations and more—which is why it's setting the standard in web stores for veterinary hospitals.
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is an online store solution, designed to give you the customization you want and the convenience you need. You choose the products you offer, the prices you're charging for those products, and even who is able to shop at your store. Give your customers access to diets, medications, toys, treats and supplies; all with an intuitive system that makes ordering easy for your clients and management easy for your staff.


Box of Easy Dose It Easy Dose It!
Also available through MyVetStoreOnline, our single-dose offering is a great way to ensure accurate, timely medication compliance for your feline and canine patients. Easy Dose It! helps your patients stay healthy, saves your clients time and hassle, and helps you build an even stronger practice, based on exceptional service and value. Each month, a single dose of preventative medication is mailed directly to your client – and shipping is free. Pet owners no longer have to remember when meds are due because the right dose arrives in the mail, right on time. Your client pays by the dose via automated credit card payment.


Dog riding in box with wheels Scheduled Orders
In addition to their monthly preventatives, your customers can easily set recurring orders of any product available on MyVetStoreOnline. From bottles of medication to bags of food, scheduled ordering allows your customers to plan in advance. Both you and your customer will clearly see the exact dates for the future orders, and both you and your customer have the ability to make changes to these orders at anytime.

Yorkshire Terrier sitting on lap looking at laptop computer Guest Checkout
Your customers can start making purchases faster than ever with our guest checkout options. Automatic registration approval allows your customers to start shopping immediately, when they're already at your store. The browse-able storefront option allows you to highlight what's important to you on your "featured products" page, and also allows your customers to browse your store without logging in. You can go one step further by allowing your clients to purchase over-the-counter items without registration.


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MyVetStoreOnline is operated by JAT Pharmacy, LLC a wholly owned subsidiary of Midwest Veterinary Supply, Inc. JAT Pharmacy LLC is a licensed pharmacy dispensing FDA, EPA and USDA approved pharmaceuticals, medications, therapeutic and wellness diets. JAT Pharmacy, LLC, does not currently ship to: Alaska or Hawaii. In addition, we do not procure, store or dispense controlled substances or regulated items.

Midwest Veterinary Supply, Inc. and JAT Pharmacy, LLC respect the privacy of both you and your customers. Information you provide about your customers during prescribing and ordering processes will never be shared with anyone. This information is used solely to ensure proper processing, shipping and billing of MyVetStoreOnline orders.

For more information on the proper disposal of medications, please visit the FDA website.

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